Southwestern Sweet Potato Hash Brown & Black Bean Breakfast Bowls

That being said, I know breakfast can be a challenge, especially in this Back to School period many of us find ourselves in. Even without school age kiddos (or any kiddos at all), actually cooking anything on a weekday morning can feel unrealistic. So these could definitely be reserved for a weekend affair or if you’re organized, make the pickled onions and cook down the beans ahead of time and really, you’re just frying an egg and heating up your hash browns at that point. I can handle that, even far away from my own kitchen. Have fun with these; adapt as you will to make them work for your people. Because bowls for breakfast, I tell you: Happy Food.

Key Takeaways:

  • This article is an advertisement for Dr Praeger’s healthy food products.
  • The author is vegan and finds Dr. Praegers products to be very convenient and she feels the products are of high quality
  • The article features a recipe for sweet potato hash browns served with a black bean dip

These Southwestern sweet potato hash brown & black bean breakfast bowls are the best of both worlds: they’ve got some lovely, low-stress homemade touches, but the rest of the recipe is essentially ready to eat, thanks to Dr. Praeger’s vegan sweet potato hashbrowns.

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