Planning the Perfect Food Truck Event

Plan a seamless food truck event! Pro tips for working and create a focused menu with food truck catering services in Philadelphia.


How Much Food Does Your Catering Company Need to Provide for an Event?

Nobody wants to run out of food at a party, gala or other special event in Doylestown, PA, but you also do not want to pay for copious amounts of food from catering company that otherwise will go to waste. Finding a great balance can be difficult to do because you simply cannot know how hungry people will be or how much they will eat of certain foods. You can, however, make a great estimate when you keep a few tips in mind.

Focus on the Length of the Event

One of the most significant factors that will determine how much food from Malvern, PA catering service that your guests will need relates to the length of the event. Some events may last less than two hours, and others may last three, four or more hours.


Learning How Smart Event Organizers Choose the Best Catering Menu

“Whether you are using catering services for a wedding reception in Doylestown, PA, a large get-together or something else entirely, you may be struggling to find the right menu options to bring the event to life. Most caterers have a list of options available or even full menu packages for you to choose from, and this should simplify the options considerably. However, catering decisions are rarely simple in reality, and there are a few steps you can take to make an informed decision.

Taste the Options

Most Malvern catering service providers will prepare some samples for you to taste, and this is always a smart idea. You may love sweet and sour chicken or beef kabobs, but keep in mind that each chef or caterer will have a different spin on these recipes that make them different from others you have tried.


Spice Up Your Event with Philadelphia Food Truck Catering Services

The Meetings Magazine posted an article that discusses how food trucks can spice up your planned event. Aside from giving the event a new twist come meal time, hiring food trucks allows a change of venue. The attendees can move around and interact with each other, which provides a nice break from the event. Although the article focuses on corporate-type events, the benefits can easily apply to other types of events as well.

Another benefit of hiring food trucks is variety in food options. Would the time of your event encompass breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between? Your chosen caterer would have menus for any time of day. Furthermore, catering to the palates of your attendees won’t be a problem whether they’re meat lovers or vegans. Vegan restaurants in Philadelphia like Jerry’s Kitchen offer menus that span general or specific preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free diets.


Catering in Philadelphia: The Considerations to Make for an Event Menu

Next is providing menu choices. What you want is to make adjustments, according to the preferences, so that your menu contains a choice for any type of appetite. You can make this easy by hiring Philadelphia catering services, like Jerry’s Kitchen, that offer food choices for many eating habits – vegans, vegetarians, meat-lovers, and even gluten-free folk.

Another consideration to make is incorporating fresh and seasonal items. This will help you ensure availability for the time and date of your event. The clock will also be a strong determinant for planning your menu. You consider the type of event and how much time the guests have to eat.